favicon_new what I am passionate about

I developed a general passion for traditional cultures. At the moment I am particularly focused on those of Ireland and Guadeloupe. Through them I travel, I have wonderful encounters, I learn new languages. I enjoy listening to those different sounds, dancing to them and to photograph them!

I also like to be the super aunty for my friend’s children, this allows me from time to time to have serious conversations about the Minions, Harry Potter or the latest Pixar movie.

I like to share an experience, a contact, a smile, a photo. I find it unfortunate to keep everything to yourself when it could be shared.

favicon_newmy professional experience

After studying photography for 3 years in Paris, I started photography by working in a laboratory and on wedding photography. During this period I was able to develop an experience in both image processing and exhibition printing while keeping a focus in portrait, wedding or corporate shoots.

3 years ago, I decided to leave the world of the laboratory to focus entirely on photo shooting. I created Mariecarlota Photographie and I now work on weddings, portrait and reportage. I always have the will to tell a story, your story, through images that resemble you.

You can also discover my personal work on the following websites: mounagwoka.com / marieloreille.com

favicon_newabout me

The benefit of having a composed (long) first name is all the nicknames that are gained over time. I decided to keep Mariecarlota for my activity which is a Colombian adaptation of Marie-Charlotte that I owe to a classmate of the photography school. But if you prefer to opt for Micha, Ma-chacha or MC it is also possible!

I rejoice at the idea of telling a new story through my images, to tell your story as accurately as possible by keeping an eye for detail, to those fleeting moments of complicity and joy that will make this moment ‘One of the most beautiful of your life’.

Dynamic, cheerful, determined, I love the first encounters with the bride and groom to be, I particularly like this bond that will unite us at the time of this event so important in your life.

Based in Paris, I am willing to travel anywhere in France and around the globe, I will follow you where your heart will guide you!


"We have a great memory to our first meeting with Marie. We were quite stressed for the big day and she was able, with a touch of humor and a lot of kindness, to put us at ease. The result was perfect, we were delighted with the photos: beautiful portraits but also lively moments that captured, with much accuracy, the atmosphere of this day. The communication was always easy before, on the day and afterwards during the making our our photo album. Do not hesitate! "
Anne-Claire & Valentin

"Do not hesitate to call Mariecarlota if you want your wedding to be an unforgettable memory!" The quality of her photos, the way she is able to capture the moment, the atmosphere she manages to replicate and her great professionalism make her an essential part of this great day! "
Véronique & Philippe

" Nous avons tout de suite ressenti un bon feeling lors de notre rencontre avec Marie : à l'écoute, elle s'adapte à nos besoins tout en sachant parfaitement nous conseiller. Ayant su nous mettre à l'aise avec sa gentillesse et sa bonne humeur, cela nous a permis de nous prêter au jeu à 100% pour les portraits. Et le résultat est juste magnifique ! Nous sommes donc très satisfaits de la prestation fournie par Mariecarlota et ne pouvons que vous la recommander."
Catherine & Chun-Ka

"We immediately had a good feeling during our meeting with Marie: while listening to us, she was able to adapt to our needs while knowing perfectly how to advise us. As she was able to put us at ease with her kindness and her happiness we were able to relax during the portrait session. And the result was wonderful! We were very pleased with the service provided by Mariecarlota and we highly recommend her.”
Catherine & Chun-Ka